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Premier Numina Event “SOIREE En ROSE”

Happy New Year to all! Of course with a new year brings new adventures. So after years of collectors asking, I’ve put together a great event with the help of some friends for interested collectors to see my Studio, see the working process of creating the dolls, gather together with fantastic food and merriment, and […]

Haute Doll Magazine X NuminaDoll

Alma, a new Spanish Numina sculpt debuts on the cover of Haute Doll Magazine as their summer exclusive. In normal skintone with duo-tone eyeshadow, hazel green eyes, and ombre lips. dressed in a two piece gown ofwine/burgundy metallic brocade, gold chantilly lace, and a deep espresso pleated tulle underskirt with a hardcap wig by Ilaria, […]


Hello, Finally some time for an update here on the website—I need to be more up to date on this site, but its so much easier with with the social networking sites and also because of them, it always feels so redundant. Anyways, less than a month till Paris and I’m as usual struggling to […]

The Eye

As promised here is the pic of Ajuma’s eye that I gouged out—no I wasn’t angry at her.  I just looked at the sculpt in a mirror to check for any inconsistencies and she looked a bit quasimodo-ish since her left eye was a bit lower than her right.  So the easiest way to remedy […]


I started sculpting an African face about a  month ago and she’s almost done.  As with Devon, she is a combination of inspiration from many black runway models.  I have always loved extremely dark skintones and african features, so I was excited to start this sculpt.  I think she is coming along quite beautifully and […]

Patterns in the sand”ing”

Sanding dolls can get pretty monotonous—makes you notice little things and find some interest in them just to while the time away.  The circular sanding motion created these neat little patterns on the resin—would be a cool idea for a tattoo maybe.

Basic Devon pics

Hi everyone, I know its been a while since my last post here, but its been an ultra busy summer. Finally though here are some recent pics of the Basic Devon that will be on Pre-Order tomorrow here at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. If you want to be kept up to date on Numina news, […]

For a good cause…

So along with winding up Sen, I had been and just last week finished a fully sueded OOAK lingerie doll for the Italian Doll Convention in Milan later this month. It was fantastic to meet Mario and Gianni in Paris and I agreed to make a doll for their charity auction. This auction is for […]

Blood and guts

I found this very unique and beautiful, I think, fabric in NYC a few months go.  Looking at it in the studio I realized it looked rather like blood and gore—I’m wondering what I can do with this, but ultimately I think its very suitable for some sort of Halloween limited edition—maybe?

From the Renaissance to Rococo…

Well Sen was “Renaissance” themed for the PFDF and now forward a couple of centuries to “Rococo” or a bit of “Rock’n’Rococo” in this OOAK alabaster Numina for a very good friend of mine who has constantly reminded me of the white doll I promised them when I first started out (yeah, be careful what […]