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May you all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year in 2011…and get all the dolls you ever wanted.  🙂


I would like to wish everyone a joyful Holiday Season!!  May the rest of this year be a time of joy and peace for all.

Victim in the Serengeti…

Or maybe more “fashion victim” in the Serengeti. Here’s a OOAK Devon for my friend Leigh in thanks for producing the necklaces for the FDQ Devon edition. All the pieces belong to the Numina except the skirt, which is by the wonderfully talented Lori Lyon. Why the Serengeti you ask? Well after I mishmashed all […]

The Raven—Part II

So here is my final raven model. The wings look much better and once painted black with a few highlights, I rudely had to put a wire in his behind to hold him up for the Egan photoshoot. He’ll probably be appearing in a lot of my photos from now on. click on pic for […]

“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

I really have no clue, but I’m making a raven ON a writing desk.  Why in the world would he be doing that?  Well, for the upcoming Egan photoshoot I need a to-scale raven and since I’ve scoured the internet and ebay to no avail, ohh why not.  Just a fun little thing to add […]

Thanks Mood!

A sample of some fabrics in the studio that are waiting to be used and as the title of this post suggests, some are from Mood, others from a wonderfully diverse store called GStreet down in the DC area, which was about a 5 minute drive from where we used to live.  Here in CT […]

Beads and Bazookas

Its been a while since my last post, but its back from vacation time now and let’s start with the reveal of ERIS, Icarus’s OOAK sister up for auction on Ebay later this week.  With sea-green eyes, Eris is a complete, fully sueded doll with a jewel-tone teal,  silk shantung  sheath dress, fully lined and […]

Seeds of Discord…

Hello,   here for you is the official teaser and introduction for Icarus’s sister ERIS.  She came out beautifully and a lot of fun was had sewing all those little beads and sequins on the dress.  That wasn’t sarcasm either, I actually enjoyed the process 🙂    Full reveal and information to come in the next couple […]

A couple of blondes hanging around the studio

My partner Matt who shares the studio with me, took this really beautiful pic of Grey and Asher together and I wanted to share and also a nice shot of our 2 studio mates, aren’t they just the most beautiful people? Just like models.

That doll is a monster…that doll is a monsterrrrr…

Umm, so what is this?  Icarus’s toxic sister maybe?  Well, after a very nice sense of completion and upon pronouncing this faceup as maybe one of my best, the finishing spray decided it didn’t like either the 72 degrees fahrenheit  or the 76 % humidity in the air, but it just left lovely flake marks […]