Haute Doll Magazine X NuminaDoll

Alma, a new Spanish Numina sculpt debuts on the cover of Haute Doll Magazine as their summer exclusive. In normal skintone with duo-tone eyeshadow, hazel green eyes, and ombre lips. dressed in a two piece gown ofwine/burgundy metallic brocade, gold chantilly lace, and a deep espresso pleated tulle underskirt with a hardcap wig by Ilaria, pulled into a slightly waved french twist. Accessories include a gold hair comb accompanied with matching gold drop earrings ,hose, a lace folding fan, and lastly “patent” burgundy and black collared pumps.

Pre-Order “Alma” through Haute Doll Magazine on Monday, July 21 @ 12 Eastern Time at www.hautedoll.com/alma or 1-800-753-1491.

4 comments on “Haute Doll Magazine X NuminaDoll”

  1. Patrick Kelly says:

    Beautiful new face…stunning actually…I hope I sell a painting before order time so that I can get one of her…

  2. Patrick Kelly says:


  3. carol odonnell says:

    Hi Paul,
    I have received my Alma and am having a lot of fun styling her. My goal is to learn how to download photos to websites in order to share them with others. I do so enjoy seeing everyones’ photos. I hope that I’m not premature, but since I love the EmRy sculpt so much, I’m wondering if you have given any thought to when you’ll be releasing her. I know you must still be reeling from the frenzy of getting Alma out but just thought I’d ask. Oh! I don’t belong to the doll club any longer. A lot of really great folks there but I just don’t have the time right now.

  4. monique says:

    Will you have any doll for sale soon.

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