Now for Egan…

So Eris is on her way to her new owner and I hope they are both happy with the outcome as much as I am.   And what about that 3rd Numina sister that has been promised for so long now?  Well here for you is the official promo for Egan, who happens to use the Icarus sculpt.   More information to come.  click on pic for larger view

6 thoughts on “Now for Egan…

  1. Paul, she’s drop dead gorgeous. Hope I get a chance at this one!


  2. She’s really stunning! When will we be able to see her gorgeous dress? Would love to see a picture of her face sculpt next to Asher. Is she the same skin tone as Asher Lingerie? Thanks.

  3. Oh WOW~! The little picture on the card that came with Oiseau gave hardly a hint of her beauty. She is DIVINE!!!!! Can’t wait!
    Congratulations on another great doll, Paul!!

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