Thanks Mood!

A sample of some fabrics in the studio that are waiting to be used and as the title of this post suggests, some are from Mood, others from a wonderfully diverse store called GStreet down in the DC area, which was about a 5 minute drive from where we used to live.  Here in CT now I guess I just have to settle for NYC fabric :p    Even though I have quite a bit here, I find myselfing always “needing” to go into the city to find more—you never know when you will find that perfectly scaled fabric that you have to buy 10 yards of because if you wait even a week later, it’ll be gone even though there were three 50yd bolts there when you went—and of course they were the only 3 bolts every produced in the world…

5 thoughts on “Thanks Mood!

  1. Oh well…you can never have enough fabric! The colors…the textures…

  2. OOOhhhh Paul, I want to come play!!
    I’ve been avoiding Mood here in LA just for that reason-I don’t trust myself!!

  3. Oh how I understand you!!! I could stay hours in fabric stores! And even if I have a bunch of different ones, I always find new ones that are soooo inspiring that I can’t help buying some meters!

  4. hello paul,

    just checking out your website. any other dolls in the making. i missed the auction, but have hopes that other dolls might be in the making. would you let your greatest fan know…

    thanks, Tucker

  5. Delicious fabrics! I know the feeling Paul, I go ga-ga at Britex Fabrics in SF. Can’t wait to see what these bolts will become!

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