More Egan…

She wasn’t wearing her fashion in the first promo, but here is a little bit of the dress for you to take a gander.  I’ll most likely be showing her off to the CT doll club meeting in September—everyone I met there last time was spectacularly nice.  click on pic for larger view

8 thoughts on “More Egan…

  1. Oh, you are a wonderful, but wicked man. That teaser is sooooo cool! Will you also be coming to Marcia’s BBQ? I’d love to see you AND Egan!

  2. When and where is the CT doll club meeting. I will be vacationing in CT in late Sept!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Paul
    Do you have an expected release date for Egan?
    What about the FDQ exclusive?
    Please let me know if you can. Thanks!
    Really excited about these two dolls.

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