“Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

I really have no clue, but I’m making a raven ON a writing desk.  Why in the world would he be doing that?  Well, for the upcoming Egan photoshoot I need a to-scale raven and since I’ve scoured the internet and ebay to no avail, ohh why not.  Just a fun little thing to add to my deadline crammed schedule—it actually is a nice break.  So here’s a progress pic.  Hopefully the wings will be done later tonight or tomorrow and then a little “feather” tweaking and onward to the paint, and then onward to the rest of the set pieces, then to the photosetup, then to the photos….I’m tired.

click on pic for larger view

4 thoughts on ““Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

  1. THis is really promising…. Courage Paul! We are dying to see the result!

  2. There are two dolls I am in love with Asher and “electric” she was wigged blonde in a pink herve leger inspired dress for a FDA layout I know grey has sold out but being new to collecting I adore your work on these beautiful resin creatures. Please notify if there is a dealer who may have. Please reachme by If none available will ostera on your site with the head goggles have friends added to this 2011 collection. I have money burning to be spent but wanting to be sure as it is my first big purchase. I hope I don’t sound dumb

  3. Can hardly wait to see the next treat you have in store for us. Just know I want her! Ginny

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