Victim in the Serengeti…

Or maybe more “fashion victim” in the Serengeti. Here’s a OOAK Devon for my friend Leigh in thanks for producing the necklaces for the FDQ Devon edition. All the pieces belong to the Numina except the skirt, which is by the wonderfully talented Lori Lyon. Why the Serengeti you ask? Well after I mishmashed all those clothing pieces together, it looked vaguely African to me—maybe I’m just crazy, but I think the “african” background works with it, don’t you?
click on pic for larger view

2 thoughts on “Victim in the Serengeti…

  1. Very beautiful, the dress fit the doll perfectly she seem a african diva

  2. Aaaaggghhh…please tell me that this face is going to be on a doll for sale…and SOON! She is amazing!!

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