Paris Fashion Doll Festival is almost here!!

I can’t believe there are less than 2 weeks left till the PFDF—I’m actually glad I didn’t go to IDEX as I would be even more behind than I am now. There will be a LE 10 Devon for pre-order at the festival called “Sen”, which is the vietnamese word for “Lotus”. With the theme for the festival being the “Renaissance” I thought the lotus flower appropriate.

I have finished painting and putting together all the dolls thank goodness, and for the past few weeks just sewing like crazy to get all the clothing done for this edition. Its fun creating a new outfit, but to have to sew 9 more of the same outfit is, well…tedious. Alas, I will not be done in time for Paris, so this is why I will be doing a pre-order there, with a 50% deposit. Sen will then ship in late April—hopefully a little before then. I will have a completely finished Sen there for attendees to see and photograph though. Below you’ll see my initial sketch of the outfit, and next week I will be posting a couple of more pictures. click on pic for larger view

2 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Doll Festival is almost here!!

  1. She’s going to be amazing Paul! What will her cost be and therefore how much is the 50% deposit for Sen? Sure wish I was going to Paris! Have a great time!

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