a SENnight before Paris…

So about a week before the convention and here is Sen in most of her regalia. I’ve always loved and studied historic dress in my spare time since high school, which actually really helped when I designed video game characters. The days of elves, dwarves and scantilly clad warrior women are past, however its always fun to have them creep in a bit into the Numina line like those golden scales on FDQ Devon’s epaulettes or somewhat here with Sen’s lace overlaid taffeta cape. You’ll get to see her in full in a few more days, so keep checking the site.

click on pic for larger view

6 thoughts on “a SENnight before Paris…

  1. OMG OMG OMG !!!!!! She’s breathtaking!!!! Her make up is ubtle and I love the colors, the outfit is so original and beautiful!

  2. Oh My!!! What a beauty!!! She is Fantastic Paul!! Best of luck & Safe Trip to Paris!

  3. She is truly magnificent Paul ! You have done a wonderful job on her. I can’t give you the praise you deserve as I can’t think of enough praising words! Wonderful !

  4. I love her so much, I really want her !!! but how to do !!!!

  5. Absolutely stunning, Paul! I’d sell just about anything to get her—-except my other Numinas!!!
    Have a great time in Paris, and please, check your email soon.

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