From the Renaissance to Rococo…

Well Sen was “Renaissance” themed for the PFDF and now forward a couple of centuries to “Rococo” or a bit of “Rock’n’Rococo” in this OOAK alabaster Numina for a very good friend of mine who has constantly reminded me of the white doll I promised them when I first started out (yeah, be careful what you promise to people offhand LOL) So a couple of years in the making and a few weeks late to her new home, I can finally present to you “Lumen” (named by her owner), an alabaster Icarus sculpt with makeup specifically similar to the Numina face you see on my business card.

Her wig is by the Illustrious Ilaria of Timeofdoll and her choker is by the talented Emilia Couture. Everything else is Numina.

click on pic for larger view

4 thoughts on “From the Renaissance to Rococo…

  1. How can you create more and more wonders???? What’s the secret???? She’s more than fabulous!

  2. Could you please tell me how I could purchase this doll? and possibly give me a link to Ilaria time of doll wigs?

    Thank you,

  3. This is one of the most breath taking dolls in your repitoire..I will find a way to own one of these beautiful creations of yours one day soon. I have been back a dozen times this week alone just to look again and again….I am happy you are in the world. Your talent is truly amazing.

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