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Hi everyone, I know its been a while since my last post here, but its been an ultra busy summer. Finally though here are some recent pics of the Basic Devon that will be on Pre-Order tomorrow here at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. If you want to be kept up to date on Numina news, please go to the bottom of any of the pages on this site and plug in your e-mail to be included in the newsletter list. Thank you for all your continued support.

17 thoughts on “Basic Devon pics

  1. Oh my gosh beautiful doll I will be on line to get her in the morning. Thank you for the email.

  2. Paul, Hello
    In Russia lives Asher linzheri, you drew her face twice. This gem of my collection! Thank you for it!
    Tomorrow I’m going to catch Devon

  3. Hi I got your email and sent an email through mine but wanted to make sure you got it. I would really love to get the invoice tonight. That would be so so wonderful. My PayPal address is the Q is lower case but it sometimes looks like a g. If it is easier for you I can pay the entire amount. I can’t wait to see her. So a big yes to the invoice.

  4. Hi Paul, Congratulations,what a georgeous lady i hope to order one!!!

  5. I have been in LOVE with your dolls since the first Grey Lady.My one wish is to own one.I have over 500 dolls mostly Tonner,Fashion Royalty,and Gene but none are as beautiful as yours.I must own some.Please keep me informed of future releases. this was my first e mail from you.

  6. Hi hope your Holiday Season is going well. I have a question about Devon’s shipping. I have seen a lot of postings on Prego from people who have their dolls. I know they take differnt times depending on were you live. My question is do you send out an email with a traking number when the doll does ship out? I didn’t get a postal notification yet and wanted to know if I should be looking for one. Thanks: Tess

  7. Hi Paul I have been trying to contact you via email’s regarding mailing Devon back but so far I have not heard from you. I thought this might be a better place to find you. Just wanted to make sure you were back before I ship her. I look forward to hearing from you and hope your vacation was good.

  8. Please Paul….when the next basic Devon or any Devon comes up for sale….I would love to have one come live with me….she is THE most exquisite doll I’ve ever seen….those lips are to die for!
    Big Hugs

  9. when will you be creating your next offering as I see you are sold out.

  10. Hi this might be a really long shot but I was wondering if you have a Basic Devon I could purchase and have you make her OOAK? I had one and had unexpected medical bills and I had to sell almost all of my dolls. I miss her so much.

  11. Your dolls are extradinorary. I have to have one. What is the price of these incredible models? Thanks, Patrick Kelly

  12. I have to have one of your extraordinary dolls. How much are they and where can I purchase one.
    Sincerely, Patrick Kelly

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