Beads and Bazookas

Its been a while since my last post, but its back from vacation time now and let’s start with the reveal of ERIS, Icarus’s OOAK sister up for auction on Ebay later this week.  With sea-green eyes, Eris is a complete, fully sueded doll with a jewel-tone teal,  silk shantung  sheath dress, fully lined and hand embroidered/beaded in bright gold with rhinestone hose,  leather/gold belt,  gold bracelets, black leather platforms, and a copper ponytail mohican wig designed by myself and made by the ultra talented Pattaart for the Numina.   And just in case, the bazooka in the pic will not be part of the auction 🙂 More pictures to come for the auction.   Click on the pic for a larger view.  Hope you like.

5 thoughts on “Beads and Bazookas

  1. ERIS is delightfully Magical and Mystical. Her dress is befitting the Life you have given her. What an Excellent Work of Art. David

  2. Oh Paul, she is amazing and gorgeous. Love the wig and dress too. Can you notify me when she is up for auction? Thank you.

  3. Just looooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee your work very fine and chic. “Yes it is”.

  4. Hi Paul!

    Saw more photos of your ladies on Facebook. I was wondering…I have been experimenting in Photoshop on photos of my dolls. I have been painting over all of the joints to make them look more realistic. Its really quite an interesting effect. I was wondering if it would be ok with you if I converted a few of your dollie photos and put them up either here on your blog or Facebook or both. Here is a few photos I have done:[IMG][/IMG]
    [IMG][/IMG] Please let me know. Thanks!

  5. Hey Jeanette!

    How have you been? Thanks for sharing some of your pics, very very nice—I thought you would have been doing this for a long time now as I KNOW you’ve used photoshop plenty of times working on games. Sure you can use my photos to experiment and to post them as long as you mention my name with the pic. So what have you been up to these days? Is Turbine still around?

    Sincerely, Paul

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