PRE-ORDER THULIAN: 16" wigged and dressed ball jointed Numina AJUMA doll


'ThuLian', an AJUMA Numina sculpt in dark chocolate skintone and a copper-brown crop curled wig, with storm grey eyes accented and edged in spring green fading to aqua with glossed fuchsia lips. She sports a sleeveless, wide leg, pink silk crepe jumpsuit complimented with an aqua silk shantung waist. Accessorized with a pair of gold 'petal' hoop earrings, a hand-beaded green and gold branch necklace, a pair of flanged bracelets, green 'snakeskin' tiered handbag, and pink/aqua suede heels.

$362.50 deposit for Pre-Order. LE 30 THULIAN shipping mid APRIL

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