YAY, Devon and Egan have both sold out!

I see many posts on Prego of Devon and am extremely happy that people love their dolls they have received. Egan is being packed up and shipped out so hopefully before the year ends everyone who ordered will have their dolls. I want to thank all of my customers for their wonderful continued support and beautiful pictures posted online. Here are some production pics while the dolls were in development here at the studio—Devon to be exact. All 50 dolls were finished, blushed, sueded, painted, strung by me and clothed/packed with a little help from my partner Matt who likes to remind me and point out how well the certificates were placed in their bags, and how nicely placed the shipper box art stickers were placed on   🙂
click on pic for larger view

3 thoughts on “YAY, Devon and Egan have both sold out!

  1. Woah, so nicely to know i’m very impatiant to receive my Egan now waiting for the tracking number i love all of your creations.Have a wonderful hollidays

  2. Waow! I’m totally fan of these prudction process photos!!! What a big work!!! Very good job Paul and Matt!

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