Welcome to the new home of the Numina…

Hello out there, welcome to the new Dollcis site, home of the Numina.  There have been many improvements and hopefully this new site is much more interesting, informative and entertaining than the last.  Thanks to a wonderful web programmer, this new site offers a more blog-like atmosphere to the “News” and “Studio” sections.  The former solely for updates on production and sales, while the latter will have many peeks  into my working process and various projects going on in the Dollcis studio.  Pics of the various editions and OOAKS so far can be seen in the Gallery section and this will be updated regularly as well.

To celebrate the new site, the Icarus variant dress “Oiseau” LE 40, will be offered for sale this Friday, June 25.  You can see the ensemble in the Store section, however it will not be orderable until then.  Thank you for all your support and I hope you will come back for further news and tidbits.

Sincerely, Paul

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