Blood and guts

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I found this very unique and beautiful, I think, fabric in NYC a few months go.  Looking at it in the studio I realized it looked rather like blood and gore—I’m wondering what I can do with this, but ultimately I think its very suitable for some sort of Halloween limited edition—maybe?

From the Renaissance to Rococo…

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Well Sen was “Renaissance” themed for the PFDF and now forward a couple of centuries to “Rococo” or a bit of “Rock’n’Rococo” in this OOAK alabaster Numina for a very good friend of mine who has constantly reminded me of the white doll I promised them when I first started out (yeah, be careful what […]

a SENnight before Paris…

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So about a week before the convention and here is Sen in most of her regalia. I’ve always loved and studied historic dress in my spare time since high school, which actually really helped when I designed video game characters. The days of elves, dwarves and scantilly clad warrior women are past, however its always […]

Sen in her first tease…

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Ok, about halfway done with the outfits—-I think I will be bringing materials with me to Paris to get as much done as possible in the evenings. Will there ever be a convention where I am not working up to the last minute and beyond? Well, enjoy the teaser, with more to come. 🙂 click […]

A southern girl…

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Being down in Texas visiting my parents, it was an incredibly satisfying escape from the bitter cold New England weather—we missed the major storm also that dumped 27 inches of snow in our area.  It was like someone trapped in a dungeon seeing the sun again—and with that beautiful sunlight down there I had to […]